1931 Business Coupe -- Wilson and Nancy Cooper


Willy writes ...

"On September 5, 1972, Bob Griffith (our club historian) began to restore the ’31 Olds he and his father—a Bay Olds dealer—had bought in the Bay Area. Bob’s vision was to be a winner in an OCA National meet. About ten years later, when I bought the car, Bob had completed all the mechanical work—chassis, wheels, engine, brakes, etc., and had the body in primer after a bit of excellent fender-straightening and other body work. Bob was off to college leaving me to finish the job—body, chrome, interior. It looked good enough on the outside to drive to the Palo Alto Concourse d’Elegance in 1985—interior yet to complete. In 1986 the car won a first place recognition at the OCA Nationals held in San Jose! Way to go, Bob! The Olds was a weekly driver—Sunday breakfast—for many years until another old car or two took the task. Now it sees the road with some lesser frequency, accumulates dings and dents (nothing ever gets better), and even gets improvements—most recently engine detailing, pinstripes, wheel powdercoat, carb rebuilding, etc."