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Membership Application & Renewals

 New Membership to Northern California Oldsmobile Club (NCOC) and the National Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA).
As a chapter of the national OCA, the NCOC requires that all members are also current members in the OCA. This allows us to petition the OCA for more events in our area, along with advertising and insurance.
With member status you will receive The Oldsletter from the NCOC and Journey With Olds from the OCA. These are two great newsletters with great articles and stories. With your membership in both clubs, you will also be able to post a for-sale or wanted advertisement in each publication for free.
NCOC yearly dues run from January 1 to December 31. Fees are $25 per year for NCOC and $30 per year for the Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA).
Please send two separate checks, one made out to the NCOC for $25.00 and the other made out to the OCA for $30.00 to the Membership Chairperson:
Dan Haggerty
6208 Balderstone Dr
San Jose, CA 95120
New Membership to NCOC with an existing OCA membership.
Follow the above instructions, except do not send any OCA membership fees to the NCOC membership chairperson. OCA dues should be mailed directly to OCA.

Current Membership to NCOC yearly renewal.
You are requested to pay your dues by Jan. 1, each year. Use the convenient mailer inserted in the Nov/Dec issue of The Oldsletter to renew and send to the above membership chairperson.
Click here for an NCOC application form
Click here for an OCA application form


If you have any questions on membership please send an email note to NorCal Membership.

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